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As a language that originated by crossing linguistic, geographical, and cultural boundaries and that has served Ashkenazi Jewish civilization for one thousand years, Yiddish serves as a locus of both Jewish studies and culture studies. In this spirit of the intersection of cultures, the Goldreich Family Institute for Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture at Tel Aviv University seeks to further research that situates Yiddish within the framework of contemporary humanities research.

The Institute is dedicated to the advancement of research and teaching in Yiddish studies in diverse fields. It initiates and funds courses on Yiddish language and literature in programs and departments at Tel Aviv University, offers scholarships and grants to undergraduate and graduate students engaged in Yiddish-related research, organizes national and international forums and conferences, hosts guest lecturers, promotes scholarly publications on Yiddish, and initiates projects in cooperation with other institutions in Israel and abroad.

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M.A Track Yiddish Literature

Guest Lecture by Professor Rosenwald

Guest lecture by Professor Lawrence Rosenwald from Wellesley College.

The lecture will be one of the keynote addresses in the conference "Beyond Transfiction: Translators and (Their) Authors" organized by the program for Diploma Studies for Translation and Revision at Tel Aviv University.

Please see the program of the conference here:

Professor Rosenwald's lecture on "Relations between translators and authors: Confessions, reflections, and the case of Yiddish" is scheduled for May 7, at 14:30 in Gilman, room 496.

He will be introduced by Professor Hana Wirth-Nesher.

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Book Launching

Book Launcing: March 7, 2013 at: 18:30. 

America - The New World in Yiddish and Hebrew


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Writing Across the Americas

Writing Across the Americas: Policies, Politics, Poetics

Seventh Woodrow Borah International Colloquium


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Lecture and Master Class - Gilles Rozier

Lecture and Master Class - Marc Caplan

Science and Scholarship in Yiddish

A symposium to mark the publication of a special issue of "Science in Context"

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Yiddish: Between Languages and Theories

The recent increasing interest in Yiddish language, literature, and culture can be attributed not only to the need to recuperate a vast treasure of Jewish civilization, but also to Yiddish as a site for examining concepts and debates that are currently at the center of humanities research.

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Between "Mameloshn" and "Muttersprache": Yiddish and German in Dialogue

The relationship between German and Yiddish has been one of affinity and dissonance, attraction and repulsion, kinship and boundaries. This international conference will explore the historical, literary, and cultural dimensions of the dialogue between these languages.

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Book Launching